Videos Conducting 101

Conducting 101, Part 6

In this video Alexander moves away from conducting technique per se and instead looks at how to prepare a score for rehearsal and performance. Using the first page of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik as an example, Alexander explores questions of phrase-structure, orchestration, articulation and balance. The techniques learnt here will help you to prepare for …

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Conducting 101, Part 5

This video focuses on phrasing and how we can indicate that using our right and left hands. Using a simple melody – Mary Had a Little Lamb – we will explore how to indicate direction in a melody. Deciding where we are going to or where are we coming from is the essence of a …

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Conducting 101, Part 4

The left hand. Developing gestures that embellish what the right hand is doing and developing independence of movement, this video builds on the exercises and work done in the first three videos.

Conducting 101, Part 3

During the course of this video Alexander talks about active and passive beats. About speeding up, slowing down, giving up beats to people and stopping and introduces the wrist and the elbow into the functions of our beat.

Conducting 101, Part 2

The right hand as the foundation of conducting. Tempo, entries, phrasing and dynamic are covered as well proper posture and how to use the baton.

Conducting 101, Part 1

Alexander provides a brief history of conducting, the role of conductor as a communicator and the importance of respecting your colleagues.