alexander shelley


“A natural communicator both on and off the podium”
– The Daily Telegraph –

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Music Director

Principal Associate Conductor



A warm welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.


I believe that music gives voice to our innermost selves.


And I believe that an orchestra represents the very best of human collaboration – individual brilliance, dedication and responsibility at the service of a greater whole. It is a living, breathing organism expressing the rhythm, melody, harmony and dissonance of life like nothing else.


It is a collective that serves and inspires artists and audiences across generations and cultures, speaking to us with a never-ending range of colours and emotions.


I believe in the power of this, the greatest and most soulful of all instruments, to not only transport listeners through its music, but to transform lives and empower communities through its work.


Whether you are a long-standing fan, or if you are discovering it afresh, I look forward to serving you as a guide on your journey into this rich and wonderful world of the symphony orchestra.



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