April 5, 2019

The Australian and Limelight Magazine have given glowing 5-star reviews for Alexander Shelley’s debut with the Sydney Symphony at the Opera House, describing the evening as ‘a superlative performance’. (Angus McPherson, Limelight Magazine – read full review here).

Under the headline ‘Illuminating, focused display by rising stars’, Murray Back writing in the Australian noted that Shelley’s ‘thoughtful interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s fourth symphony demonstrated the virtues of his organic understanding of musical structure… …His judiciously controlled accelerandos and ritardandos and astute use of tempo and dynamic contrasts ensured that climactic moments still erupted with force while also creating oases of compelling quietude in the slower, more contemplative passages. The other feature that stood out was his emphasis on sustaining good balances and textural clarity. He delighted in revealing the range of inner-voice details and illuminating the intricate thematic interplay between sections of the orchestra. Shelley’s interpretation reminded us that finesse, charm, subtlety and exquisite craftsmanship are as central to Tchaikovsky’s art as powerful emotions and drama.’

Shelley conducts three more performances in Sydney before continuing on to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra next week.