The role of compassion in this musician's life

September 19, 2017

For the past five years, Creative Mornings Ottawa has been gathering local citizens for breakfast on a monthly basis to hear a variety of inspirational speakers on given topics, providing opportunities for mingling, networking and motivation.


On an early morning in September 2017 for a crowd of creative minds at the National Arts Centre, Alexander Shelley spoke about the role of compassion in his career as a musician. Many new Creative Mornings Ottawa members joined their peers in the City Room, one of the new NAC spaces, to hear his thoughts on the many ways that compassion informs his daily activities. Though he’s not a doctor, nor a psychologist, nor does he work for the Red Cross, he expresses his compassion through connections when interpreting scores, rehearsing with orchestras, and reaching out to communities with educational endeavors.


Get the full experience of his talk, and much more, by visiting the Creative Mornings Ottawa website.