January 22, 2018

On Saturday February 27th Alexander teams up again with the English Chamber Orchestra for a concert in the Leeds International Concert Season. The performance takes place at the famous Leeds Town Hall, which was also the venue for the finals of the Leeds Conductors Competition that Alexander won in 2005. The competition victory marked the beginning of Alexander’s international career and the venue is close to his heart.

The concert concentrates on music by three composers in the great Viennese tradition: Schubert, Haydn and Mozart.

Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony composed in 1822 and which opens the concert, was abandoned for reasons unknown. The yearning, sweeping first movement is one of the most profound openings in symphonic music, whilst the optimistic second movement shows this composer’s true mastery of orchestration.

“Mozart is sweet sunshine” declared Dvořák, perhaps a thought Mozart’s pet starling agreed with. The bird learned the theme from Mozart’s elegant 17th piano concerto, though sang G sharp where was written G natural, leaving the rendition somewhat off-key! South Korean pianist and Leeds Competition prize winner Heejae Kim is the soloist.

Haydn’s ‘most popular concerto’ is a firm favourite in the trumpet repertoire. It sparkles with glittering articulated passages and vibrant melodic lines and will be performed by Jason Evans.

Commissioned by the Haffner family, Mozart’s Symphony No 35 is a light but powerful work with a dramatic opening and a finale to be played “as fast as possible”.

All details of the concert can be found on the Leeds International Concert Season website here.