The Commute with Dr Steve Olivas

Alexander joins psychologist Dr Steve Olivas for his weekly podcast: The Commute

Released 27th April 2020

The Architecture of Music with Alexander Shelley

Alexander is a guest on Farnam Street's 'The Knowledge Project' (Episode 9).

In discussion with Shane Parrish Alexander discusses:

- How he prepares himself before stepping on stage (and how his process changes depending on the music the orchestra will play)
- Why live performances create a powerful and almost spiritual experience
- The delicate relationship between audience, orchestra, and conductor and how balancing them is like a beautiful dance
- How to manage the egos, personalities, and different playing styles of 80 world-class musicians on any given night
- How the structures of music have changed over the years, and how our ears still recognize shapes and patterns in any piece from any era
- Why Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is so popular (Alexander breaks down the DNA of the song and how all music has its own unique “cell structure.” This alone is worth listening to the interview)
- Why the sciences and the arts are inseparable and should be studied, practiced and revered hand in hand
- How familiarity with music history allows you to appreciate and enjoy any piece of music (even current pop hits) at a whole new level

Shakespeare, Stravinsky and Alexander Shelley

Released: July 07, 2014 – Duration: 56:38
In this final NACOcast episode of the season, Nick talks to NAC Orchestra Music Director Designate Alexander Shelley about the two programmes he is conducting next season. Music excerpt: Carlo Maria Giulini – Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Stravinsky – The Firebird (Suite, 1919 version), Finale – Angel SFO-36039. See you in September!

La Bohème with Alexander Shelley

Released: September 17, 2012 – Duration: 53:03
Nick sits down with Alexander Shelley to discuss the state of opera, in particular, La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini, Shelley’s youth and inspiration to become an opera conductor.

Measuring Time

Released: November 04, 2009 – Duration: 42:32
Christopher has been thinking about metronomes. Here he discusses the history of that irritating but essential device, and talks with NACO guest conductor Alexander Shelley about Maelzel, Beethoven and the challenges of the metronome for modern conductors.